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Ballet Move - The concept

The Ballet Move by MSB Studio concept consolidates all the modalities practiced in MSB Studio since 2014. Based on the Mafalda Method, the basics of classic ballet and pilates combined with fitness and toning exercises, with a very sharp component of body and artistic expression.


One of the objectives of this consolidation is to improve and develop in a harmonious way all the aspects described in the Method and to enhance the abilities of the students with an integration of all modalities.


We want to inspire, motivate and challenge how it is possible to achieve a more toned body, as well as a better posture and elegance. Ballet Fit helps these women to develop their awareness of muscular work, raising their awareness for toning, flexibility and stretching.


The advantage of this concept is to help improve posture, due to the fact that it is a large part of the vertical work, which facilitates the mobility of the joints, the core and the toning of the body (legs, buttocks, abdominal and arms ).


The classes are choreographed, where numerous rhythms are added according to the intensity of the exercises. It uses the ballet bar, weights, flex bands and fitness circles. The bar is used as a support for improving balance, while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (keeping the body still while contracting a specific set of muscles) and combined with repetitions of small movements.


The movement is originated from the contraction of the muscles.


Ballet Move is divided into 3 sub-modalities: Ballet Move I | BalletMove II | Dance Beats

Ballet Move by MSBStudio

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