Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa Armazém J
(Jazzy Santos)
1200-109 Lisboa
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MSB Studio

MSB Studio

The MSB Studio is a space for the practice of physical exercise, which differs from a conventional gym, either by the modalities of exercise offered or by the method. With more than 20 years of experience in dance and teaching, Mafalda Sá da Bandeira has developed her own method, dedicated to women, which is based on 7 principles. These principles are the common denominator to all modalities offered.


The goal of Studio is to improve the woman's well-being, her self-knowledge, her posture, flexibility and gracefulness while practicing physical exercise and toning muscles. The desired result, in addition to a healthier and more elegant body, is also a process of awareness that has a positive impact on the overall satisfaction of these women.


The modalities practiced in MSB Studio are as follows: BalletFit, Body Barre and Dance.


The location of the Studio is strategically central, widely accessible from all points of the city. The facilities are of high quality and inviting, with a privileged river Tagus view.

The movement is not only physical