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The Method



We must focus our mind on the objectives of the exercise.


Concentration is the first of the 7 principles of the Method. It is trained through language and choreography. In Choreographed classes, special attention must be paid to music and counting.



The movements should be coordinated with the proper breathing.


The breath is the second of the 7 principles of the Method. Concentration is essential in breathing training. Coordinating your breathing with your movements will help you gain strength and relax, avoiding undesired muscle tension.



Lack of consciousness hinders evolution.


Consciousness is the third principle of the Method. Consciousness is deeper than concentration, insofar as it implies self-knowledge. Mirror and body isolation help with this work.



The strength is worked on a daily basis.


Strength is the fourth principle of the method. Strength is physical and mental and can only be developed through regular training. The work of strength is primarily of the core and requires coordinated breathing, concentration and awareness.



It is the mirror of our soul.


The posture is the fifth of the 7 principles of the Method. A good posture takes into account the alignment of the spinal cord with the hip bones and the cervical vertebrae. It's not only keeping your back straight!



You need to be mentally flexible and curious about learning.


Flexibility is the sixth of the 7 principles of the Method. Work is done daily and only with persistence is it possible to evolve. It is from the contraction and stretching of muscles that flexibility evolves.



Disrupt the cycle of bad energy and enjoy life!


Energy is the seventh of the 7 principles of the Method. Energy is also trained. It is possible to have positive energy, even if you have woken up wanting to go back to bed. Energy is worked better in dance or ballet classes.

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