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Mafalda Sá da Bandeira



Started doing ballet early in her life. She is skilled in classical dance by the schools Margarida de Abreu and Anna Mascolo, modern dance with Teresa Rego Chaves and training at Stott Pilates.


Over time, she has shared her passion in gymnasiums and health clubs, influencing those with whom she works for, with her dedication and perfectionism, standing out as a teacher of ballet and dance (freestyle).


Based on her extensive teaching and work experience, acquired over many years with other women, she developed her own method, designed specifically for women, called the Mafalda Method, which she practices daily in MSB Studio, and in a book recently edited by Sphere of Books, for those who want to learn.


Integrating the tradition of classical ballet into the best practices of fitness, the Mafalda Method far surpasses the notion of Ballet Fitness. It is a model based on 7 principles, which through the diversity of classes in MSB Studio, harmoniously defines the female body.

Ballet Move
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