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The book

The book - The essence of the Method

When I began my career as a teacher of various modalities always related to dance, only the movement interested me


By teaching a sequence of movements that did not make great sense and which gave a false sense to the students of having "worked" the body or improved their understanding of how it works, I realized that I should use a new approach.


It was with logic that I felt the need to verbalize and communicate with the students, giving some general explanations about anatomy, about the actions of muscles, with simple language and visualizations, for an understanding of their effects and so that the results start evolving.


Nothing useful comes out of a training that is not understood by those who practice it. It is impossible to obtain benefits with the commercial format that is generally used at gyms.


With the Method that I have been perfecting and which is described in detail in the book, I intend to make unmistakable what so often no one speaks when it comes to physical exercise, speaking of the mental and emotional aspects that have to be included and worked in the training.


Realizing what we do is Therapeutic!


"Strength comes from the mind"


“Nothing useful comes out of a training that is not understood by those who practice it”


"Exercise is first made from within, practiced with the brains and performed with emotion."


"Ballet and Pilates, together, are perfect to help the balance that so many women crave. They are the essence of the Method"


"Rigor and discipline help in the precision of lines and body movements." 


Phrases for reflection taken from the book

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